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Advanced Grammar

Have you ever tried to speak a language with just a dictionary? Yet astrologers attempt to do this all the time, mixing their astrological "colors" as if we're painting a house, rather than speaking a language. But words cannot be "blended" any more than planets can. They are ordered according to very specific rules collectively known as syntax. Syntax is the cornerstone of any language, and the LINCOS approach views and studies astrology as a language. So we teach you how to look at the chart symbols not just for what they mean, but for how to string them together for consistent and reliable interpretations. Using linguistic, as well as traditional and modern astrological techniques and concepts, the GR series of courses carefully guides intermediate and advanced students in a systematic and philosophically grounded (primarily Aristotelian) method of delineation techniques. We recommend that students know the signs, planets and houses and their glyphs and be familiar with the fundamental parts of a chart before taking the GR series of courses. If you are brand new to astrology, we recommend our beginner (BG) series first. If you're not sure about your level of astrological knowledge, send us a query and we'll figure it out together.

New Classes Coming Soon!

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