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Horary astrology has got to be the "weirdest" but also the most fascinating form of astrology anyone can learn. It's weird because it presupposes not only a belief that the heavens are mirroring the earth at certain moments in time (not unlike birth astrology), but also a belief that one can have "a dialogue" with the heavens concerning those moments in time. (Spoiler alert: It's not really a dialogue) But we're not ones to take things on belief alone. What is by far the weirdest part of horary is that it does stand up to linguistic scrutiny! So I guess we have to teach it. :-)

In the HR series of courses you'll learn when and how to pose questions of astrology that are important to you and how to read those answers in the horary chart. We'll start at the beginning but cover only the most reliably-tested and coherent of both traditional and modern techniques and concepts that help to make horary astrology magically unique and completely practical. The only school of astrology we're married to is the school of results! And horary does not tolerate vague or ambiguous answers. Either you can give a client a direct answer or you can't. That's the standard we strive for in these classes. At the end of the series, you will know how to (among other things): locate a missing pet, find a lost heirloom, purchase a problem-free house, solve a mysterious death, or find out if your crush is reciprocated and whether your date will go well...And if it can't be read, we'll tell you that too. 

HR2. Setting up a Chart
HR3. Who Wants to Know?
HR5. To Act or not to Act?
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