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2021: The Next US Presidency

Updated: May 19, 2021

It's very difficult to do forecasts for the US presidential elections these days without offending or shocking at least 50% of your audience. But that time has come around again and it seems only fitting to put a new timing method to the test by forecasting an event that will affect all of us one or another. I would like to disclose that I'm not a liberal, nor a conservative, nor a libertarian. Over the years, I've become so politically agnostic (and disgusted) that I now consider myself non-partisan enough to hopefully, be able to be sufficiently objective about the election charts. I've been posting here and here about a "Saeculum" method of timing that is based upon an 80 year human life-span. The on-going research on this method has actually expanded it into a 3-armed system of timing -- which I've named The Triquetra Method, for obvious reasons. I'll also be expounding upon this system at the Breaking Down the Borders 5 Conference on November 6, 2020, as well as posting about it more fully here in the next few days. But since the elections are currently upon us, I wanted to apply the method now to the candidates' charts and let that serve as its first public test. However, I quickly realized that having to explain the method and how to read it, while simultaneously applying it, was resulting in an extremely long post. So what I've decided to do instead is to just summarize the most relevant indicators and what conclusions I take from them. Please know that I am applying a very specific procedure to how the indicators are interpreted that may not be obvious from just looking at them in the chart. Anyone interested in the mechanics of the Triquetra technique can stay tuned to future posts where I fully explain the method, or can attend my talk at the BDTB5 Conference Nov 6-8, 2020, where it will be more fully explained. Donald Trump's Relevant Indicators

The strength of the Triquetra method is in its ability to pinpoint exactly which parts of the natal chart will bring about the most significant changes in a person's life for any given seven year period. For someone who is already president during a current 7 year period, we would not expect that a re-election victory would change the make-up of his life all that much. In other words, his being awarded a new term would not be a significant enough event to be emphasized in the natal chart through this method. Activated natal indicators seem to depict the types of changes that alter the make-up or direction of one's life. Having said that, if a sitting president lost his re-election and had to move to another home (i.e. out of the White House), and most likely also to another state, that would be a significant enough change to his life to warrant an appearance in the natal chart either directly, or through directions to active portions of that chart. For a challenger, we'd expect a victory in a race for the United States Presidency to show up in the natal chart as a major elevation in one's career or public status.

This chart time comes from his birth certificate. Trump is currently 74 years of age, which puts him in the12th Zodiacal age. His Triquetra Indicators, which are active from 2019-2026, are as follows:

Zodiacal: Pisces in the natal 8th; Jupiter in the natal 3rd in Libra with Neptune and Chiron. These indicators revolve around Jupiter as lord of Pisces, what it is trying to achieve, and what its condition is. They indicate that Trump will be facing personal financial problems that arise from external circumstances. His attempts to deal with them will involve the legal surrender of some of his real estate holdings, particularly those abroad.

Synodic and Topical: Cancer in the natal12th; Moon in the natal 5th with the South Node. Venus and Saturn in Cancer.

These indicators say that at some point during this period, Trump will need to find a new place of residence, not because he wants to, but because he needs to. He will acquire one in a state that is to the North of where he currently resides in D.C. This change of residence will be preceded by a contest involving a competitor, who will make a commitment to his home, resulting in Trump's need to leave. These same indicators also point to the sale of real estate holdings to some committed buyer.

Ascensional Directions to Trump's Chart

The Ascensional Directions are my preferred method of timing specific events for the correct year. There are 3 in particular that seem to relate to his re-election:

1. The MC has come to sextile his natal Neptune in the 3rd: Sextiles always generate communications, and Neptune in the 3rd argues for a communication conveying surrender that has an impact upon his public status (MC).

2. The directed ASC enters 0 degrees Scorpio at the end of December of this year: this means it is now in the 4th sign, signaling the start of a residential environment with a completely new atmosphere.

3. The Sun arrives at the 26th degree of Leo, where we find his Mars in Leo, the natal 1st house sign. This is indicative of a decision that has him leaving his home. Directed Mars is also forming a sextile to natal Mars, which echoes a break from an existing residence. Curiously, on November 3rd transiting Sun is also making an opening square to Pluto in Leo from the 3rd house, which is currently his 4th.

The Dec. 14, 2020 Eclipse over Trump's Moon

This eclipse occurs at 23 Sagittarius. It falls opposite his Sun by 12 minutes and conjunct his Moon by 1degree 56. The Moon is indicator of light received and reflected outward into the world. Here, it is eclipsed, which also removes its rays to his Sun. So both lights in this chart are darkened the month before the next presidential inauguration. Furthermore, the Moon is lord of two of his Triquetra arms, one of which pertains to decisions that affect him, the other that pertains to his current home. It is eclipsed in his current (derived through the Topical arm of the Triquetra) place of work which is also a place of illness. This together with the house emphasis also indicates that Trump is very prone to illness during this period. And I'm not referring to the fact that he recently contracted Covid. These indicators are life-altering and point to a serious illness, perhaps even Cancer, since Uranus, planet of radiation is currently in the place of hospitals and opposite the derived 6th, where the eclipse occurs. The Inauguration Chart

The Midheaven in the 2021 Inauguration Chart makes a quincunx to his natal Mars right over his Ascendant. This is a clear indicator that he will have to leave his place of residence on Inauguration day.

Taken together, we have enough reliable indicators to argue that Trump will move not just within his current Zodiacal age, but because of this election. The Mercury station on election day, may cause delays not only in the results, but also in his concession, which may only come until the 5th, when transiting Moon conjuncts natal Mercury and transiting Mercury sextiles Mars.

Joe Biden's Relevant Indicators

Let's start with the Triquetra indicators to set up his background concerns during his current Zodiacal age. At 78, Biden is also in his 12th Zodiacal age, which for him runs from 2015-2022, although he's closer to the end of it.

Zodiacal: Pisces in the natal 4th house; Jupiter in the natal 8th; South Node in Pisces.

The condition of the 4th represents problems to the nation's property values in particular. Jupiter's placement may indicate policies attempting to protect the banks. This Jupiter contrasts with Trump's, in that it is more illuminated and also currently turned to societal, rather than personal concerns.

Synodic: Sagittarius in the natal 1st; Jupiter in the natal 8th.

(When the Zodiacal and the Synodic are ruled by the same planet, the soul is aligned with the Zeitgeist . When societal signs are involved, that planet works toward the social, rather than the personal.) He will need to find a direction with regard to the country's economy. Jupiter indicates that he will have to make a decision that will involve expanding the national debt, taxes and speculations abroad. The real estate market will figure prominently if he gets elected.

Topical: Scorpio in the natal12th; Mars in Scorpio in "phasis" in the 12th; Mercury, Sun and Venus in the 12th.

This arm speaks to Biden's need to transform his currently restricted living environment and body. The other planets in this house relate to his partnership, his career, his backers, legal matters, and his opponents. But Mars is the reason they are all active and have something to say about this house. Taking them in the order they will occur: Mars begins a competition that generates contentious work and struggles with ill health (note that Aries in the topical 6th rules the head). Mars' condition indicates that both will be highly energized and well-defined. Mercury will activate in 2021 and elevate his career, despite the problems in his cognitive condition. However, by the end of the Zodiacal age (2022), There will be a decision that will legally remove him from his position in office and place his partner there (Sun and Venus; the Sun's disposition to Pluto and Chiron in the 9th testify to the reassignment of the legal position). I feel this depicts Biden's mental condition, and that Vice President Harris will be elevated to the presidency.

Ascensional Directions to Biden's Chart

Biden has a few currently active directions that point to a rise in his position:

  1. Directed MC conjuncts natal Mercury. Note that Mercury is in Scorpio, which is his current Topical Ascendant sign, and that it (Mercury) exalts his 10th house of career.

  2. Directed Moon conjuncts Jupiter. The Moon exalts his work partnerships and activates Jupiter, which is ruler of the nation and of the Zodiacal and Synodic arms of the age. This relates to the fact that Biden's election also puts Harris in a more elevated position.

  3. The directed Part of Fortune trines Venus. Fortune is activating the planet of unseen working relationship with the power to remove him from his current home. This planet will be activated again by the directed ASC in 2 years, when he is removed to a new home.

The Inauguration Chart

The most interesting and relevant inter-chart aspect from Biden's chart to the Inauguration chart, is the fact that his Moon squares the Inauguration chart's Sun. This places, not Biden himself, but his current partner as the receiver of the leadership indicator of that administration, since the Moon is in the Topical 7th of his chart along with the Part of Fortune and is exalted there.

His natal Jupiter also opposes the degree between Pluto and the MC of the inauguration chart, indicating that his political direction will forcefully transform the current administration.

Given these two charts (and what we are about to consider in Kamala's chart below), I would argue that Trump will move from the White House and that Biden will be raised in rank, but that his time as president will be short-lived. Mars in Scorpio in the Topical house points to ill-health. Also there are several indicators pointing toward the rise in rank of his working partner (that is, his Vice President). Given these clues, we should look at Harris' chart for confirmation of a promotion worthy of the presidency, given that a Vice presidency would not be considered much of a promotion from Senator.

Kamala Harris' Relevant Indicators

Kamala Harris is currently 56 years of age. This puts her in her 9th Zodiacal age which for her, runs roughly from 2017-2024.

Zodiacal: Sagittarius in the 7th; Jupiter in Taurus in the 12th; Part of Fortune and S. Node in Sagittarius.

Her Zodiacal age indicates a need to find and provide direction in a partnership. The presence of the South Node and Part of Fortune here indicate that she enthusiastically anticipates the dissolution of a partnership during this period. Jupiter indicates that doors will open with regard to the duties that come from this relationship and they will involve the nation.

Important Note: The December 14, 2020 total solar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius falls right over these two points in her 7th house. This indicates that a shadow will begin to fall over her partner and he will figuratively become "eclipsed" by her. This could indicate a rise in her status effectively "eclipsing" in stature, not only her husband, but also her working partner, Joe Biden.

Synodic and Topical: Aquarius in the 9th; Saturn in the 9th.

Both her Synodic and Topical arms are in Aquarius in the 9th natal sign during this period. Having both in the same sign indicates that she will propose and be able to institute several legal decisions during this period. Aquarius in the 9th, signals a need for legal inclusion. With the ruler there, Harris will be autonomously focused on enforcing laws of inclusion, particularly as they relate to finances since Saturn also rules the 8th. She comes from a background in law enforcement, which is shown by the Saturn/Mars opposition. But Leo/Aquarius on this access, indicates that matters of identity and financial inclusion will become a major area of policy concern for her.

Note: Jupiter and Saturn are square each other in her chart, which means that her rise in stature and her ability to make legal commitments are dependent on each other and both active. Furthermore, these two planets are aspecting each other in the directions.

Ascensional Directions to Harris' Chart

  1. Directed Saturn has come to an exact conjunction with natal Jupiter this year. These are both planets of accomplishment and politically, they point to the institution of a new ideological order.

  2. The Directed MC squares natal Saturn. Again we have this need for inclusion message now getting its highest platform during her career life.

The Inauguration Chart

The inauguration chart always has the same signs on the angles (varying slightly by 1-3 degrees each time) and Sun position, since it is on the same day and time every 4 years. So we need to focus mainly on the other planets.

Aside from Harris' connections to the inauguration chart, the chart by itself, tells us something curious about the birth and life of the next administration. What is immediately apparent is that the Moon, which represents the earthly expression of the administration's soul, is void of course and at the very last degree of Aries, suggesting that the new administration may not be long-lived. We know it's the new administration because its exalts the ASC and brings down its opponents (SCO in the 7th). Furthermore, partile Mars/Uranus conjunction before the ASC, suggests civil unrest before the next administration takes office by its hidden enemies.

There are a few relevant connections between Harris' chart and this Inauguration chart:

1. Harris' directed ASC is currently at 12 Leo conjunct the Part of Fortune of the Inauguration chart.

2. Harris' Sun/Moon axis forms a T-square with the Inauguration MC, indicating that her leadership abilities are very much tied to the highest status of this administration.

Harris's Connections to the US chart

I'm particularly interested in Harris' lights and her Triquetra rulers. Harris' Saturn conjuncts the Moon in the 3rd house and semisextiles Pluto in the 2nd of the US Sibly chart, which means that the US media will be highly receptive to her Saturnian message and it will forcefully transform how the nation's resources are utilized. Also, her own Sun/Moon opposition forms a T-square to US Pluto in Capricorn, which is currently the US Topical sign and falls under Harris' Saturn activated signs. So a Harris leadership would have a strong impact upon the nation's current economic metamorphosis, in the direction of a redistribution of wealth (from the Aries/Libra axis).

Harris' Gemini ASC is inside the nation's current Synodic arm sign in the house of its opponents and activating its Uranus/Mars conjunction. I have written elsewhere that I think this combination will involve upcoming war with foreign powers. It is curious that a current Uranus/Mars combination in Taurus falls on the 12th house side of the Inauguration chart, echoing that same tendency toward violence in a place that is removed. This conversely means that the nation's ASC falls in Sag indicating the importance of her partner in guiding the nation's direction. However, as we've seen, the next eclipse falls over this area of her chart. For the nation, it activates a quincunx ray to Mercury (lord of the nation's 7th), signaling a shadow falling over one of the US's opponents. (I will have more to say about this in future posts).

We don't have a reliable birth time for Mike Pence's birth. I don't work without a birth time, so we cannot examine his chart. But there is enough here to suggest that it may not be necessary, at this point. The general conclusions are that Trump's chart seems oriented toward his personal financial real estate concerns and emphasizes the departure from his current place of residence. The eclipse also affects his health and work more directly than Biden's. While both candidates have Jupiter as lord of the times, Biden's is more energized and in better general condition to grant exaltation, is currently activated by the Moon, and is in rulership of both his 1st and 4th, which ties the nation and his residence together.

However, of the three natal charts, Harris' argues for a more influential connection to the nation and to the inauguration chart, at this particular time. The eclipse also falls very directly on her 7th house, activating her Jupiter by ray, one of her 2 Triquetra time lords, which also rules her 7th. So there is strong evidence that the eclipse of a partner ties her fate to the nation's path within 2 years of taking office. Lastly, I want to point out a curious thing that I've noticed while looking at election charts in general. This is that many candidate charts have an emphasis on 12th house planets not just during their candidacy but also during their subsequent administration. This suggests that there is a particularly confining and secretive nature to running for this office. A 12th house activation always makes the native feel like they are restricted in what they can do. This is understandable during the campaign, since so much of what a candidate says and does is scrutinized and used against them by one's political opponents or the media. But it is surprising to see that the most powerful office in the nation, also seems to be so restricting to those who hold it.


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